To accomplish the dual goals of combating the negative physical and mental health effects of social isolation that may be the result of life changing events including retirement, job loss or the death of a significant partner or life-mate in our senior population


To prevent the development of harmful addictions, including but not limited to alcohol, technology and drugs, or life choices that result in poor health and/or limited future options in the younger generation


Provide a space with tools/equipment and classes in a wide variety of life and work areas to facilitate connection and meaningful interaction between the above age groups through mentoring, joint projects, and skill building opportunities.

Classes or learning opportunities may include the following:

         1)      Woodworking with full shop and experienced mentors;

         2)      Metal working with full shop and experienced mentors;

         3)      Auto mechanics with full shop and experienced mentors;

         4)      Building trade skills with the opportunity to work with skilled tradesman;

         5)      GED prep classes presented by a retired teacher;

         6)      Personal finance, investment, and business classes presented by professional investors;

         7)      Health areas such as Ballroom Dance, Tai Chi and Chi Gong presented by professional teachers;

         8)      Arboriculture studies and forest management;

         9)      Mentor Matching (outside of Men’s Shed activities); and

      10)      Additional activities based on participant’s interest

Classes are subject to having a minimum number of interested participants (which may vary by class and topic) and an available qualified instructor.

Duration and number of classes/activities may vary depending on topic.