When will group activities start?

We recently completed sessions on personal finance and budgeting and are anxious to get other group activities going. For any activity, we need to know we have enough people interested in participating and that we have a qualified organizer / facilitator. So, PLEASE let us know by email (allenh@usmenssheds.org) of any activities you would be interested in. (Or if there is something you would like to organize / facilitate!) Watch our home page for announcements of new activities.

Is the Men’s Shed open to women?

YES! The Men’s Shed program began in Australia, and the first Sheds were for men only, however many sheds (including ours) open their doors to men and women.

Why do you want me to call before coming out?

We have a very limited staff. We do our best to have someone at the Shed during our posted hours (9 AM – 5 PM, Monday – Friday). There are times when this is not possible, as our Shed Boss may be picking up supplies or working on the grounds. We ask you to call first so that you don’t find an empty Shed when you arrive.

How can I participate in the Mentor Matching program?

Contact Allen Hawthorne at allenh@usmenssheds.org or 814-449-3402.

Do I need to already know how to operate equipment in order to use it?

No. Shed staff will be happy to provide basic instruction on the safe operation of any equipment on sight, and you must demonstrate proficiency before using on your own. We are happy to help you learn how to do projects you are interested in (but please do not ask us to do projects for you).