A Men’s Shed is a dedicated, friendly and welcoming meeting place where men come together and undertake a variety of mutually agreed activities.  The Men’s Sheds Movement started in Australia in the 1990’s and is gradually spreading around the world, enriching men’s lives as it grows.  There are National Men’s Sheds Associations in Australia, Canada, the USA, Denmark, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  It is estimated that the number of Men’s Sheds globally is approaching 1,800 supporting an estimated 100,000 men.

Men don’t talk face to face, we talk SHOULDER TO SHOULDER.

Men’s Sheds answer men’s innate need for activity. Men’s Shed is a club, mainly for older guys. We have tools, and materials for pursuing our interests and passions, for learning something new and sharing skills. We join to make stuff and tinker. We share a pot of coffee in a friendly atmosphere. In the end, we make friends and discuss troubling health issues.

Men’s Sheds give men the opportunity to improve their health and wellbeing through participation as a means of connecting with others and increasing self-esteem. They provide a variety of interesting and healthy activities in a safe and accepting environment that the Members choose for themselves.

These activities can include building things for themselves and others, doing community service projects or other volunteer opportunities.  Men’s Shed activities are as unique as the members. Many work with tools to build things, restore antique items or to repair items in need of service – all are creative outlets for a wide range of talents. What would you like to do?

Good health is based on many factors including feeling good about yourself, being productive and contributing to your community. By maintaining a healthy body and mind, becoming a Men’s Shed member provides a safe and sometimes busy environment where men can find many things to do in the atmosphere of true friendship. There is no pressure to participate though there are many active events, many men just come in for good conversation and being a part of something bigger than themselves.

David’s Memorial Men’s Shed focuses on generational mentoring and the transfer of practical skills.  Allen Hawthorne had collaborated on many shop projects with his son David, including building a garage on land he owns on Eureka Road.  After his son passed away in 2018, he was searching for a meaningful tribute when David’s mother showed him an article about Men’s Sheds.  Allen decided that the garage would be an ideal Men’s Shed, and that its purpose should be to bring older men with practical expertise together with younger men dealing with addiction or other challenges.  The hope is that the younger men will learn not only practical skills, but also life skills that might help them put their lives in order.